Knowing what steps you need to take in order to get your website from your mental concept/brain to the internet may feel like a complex task that requires a lot of work.

In reality setting up a website or blog is actually quite easy and can be done in less than 15 minutes if you know what you’re doing.

Having spent a lot of time making websites for ourselves and our friends we’ve distilled the essence of how to create a website into an easy step by step process with plenty of visual graphics to get you up and running quickly.

This section of the article is for those who prefer a less visual presentation with more detailed information and additional steps involved in setting up a website from scratch.

Step 1. Choose a domain name

The very first step you’ll want to take when it comes to creating a website is determining what domain name you want for you website, because before you can create a website/blog your hosting company will ask you to decide on what the name of your website and domain name will be.

This is one of the most important steps you will make because as you begin to build content on your website everything you create will be linked to your websites domain name and your visitors will also know you by the domain name you choose. Some people choose a domain name that relates closely to and resonates with the main topic of their website and is likely to be searched for under a specific keyword or search term.

Think about what your website will be about and try to choose a domain name that is related to that topic or set of topics.

Others people or companies will choose a domain name/URL that helps people identify what their brand is about and what it stands for. If you are creating a brand then your domain name may want to use the brand name for its domain name or a very close variation that people will be able to connect with the brand.

In the end you’ll have to choose a name that you’ll be happy with as this will determine what the search engines (google, Microsoft etc…) and your visitors think about your website. Take your time and think about what you are trying to do with your website and what it will be about to help you decide on choosing the right domain name for your website.

Step 2. Register your domain name

After you’ve decided on a domain name and have found one that is available to use there are a number of registering services that will allow you to register your chosen domain name, often for very little cost $12 – $20 per year.

For the sake of speeding things up and to save you some money there are a variety of  hosting services that will give you a free domain name with your hosting account, which can make setting up your website easier and save you a few Naira.

however you prefer to use a separate company for registering your domain name you can find a registering service extremely easily by doing a search for the best domain registrars and register your name through that company. Once you’ve done so you can than contact the hosting company you’ve chosen and have them link your domain name to your hosting service.

Step 3. Choose a hosting service

After deciding on your domain name and getting it registered the next step you’ll need to take is finding a hosting service that will host your website.

Here are some useful tips to help you choose a good service.

  • Make sure the hosting service offers good reliability and speed.
  • Find out how you can contact them if you need help and make sure they offer excellent customer service.
  • Check to see if the hosting service allows you to access your website through a control panel so you can manage the back-end of your website.
  • Make sure the hosting service gives you lots of storage space.

Step 4. Connect your domain name to your web host

If you have chosen a web host that offers a domain name with their hosting service than you can skip this step as most hosting services will make it easy for you to connect your domain name to your hosting service and will walk your through the steps as you create your website.

If you have chosen a registrar that is different from your web hosting service you’ll need to connect your domain name with your web host. In order to connect your domain name with your web host all you have to do is ask your web host for your server name or DNS and plug your DNS into your domain name registrar account.

You can also contact your domain name registrar and have them walk you through it as it can be a bit confusing the first time around.

Step 5. Install WordPress

After you’ve chosen your domain name and created a hosting account you’ll need to install software that will allow you to manage, customize and build your website as you like. Whether you want to create a blog, start an online business or build an e-commerce site WordPress is a great choice for helping you run the back end of your website.

Not only is WordPress free, it’s also one of the best all around software platforms available for creating websites, starting blogs and building a business.

The WordPress software that will power your website is extremely flexible, highly customizable, simple to navigate and easy to learn. In fact this software powers some of the most well known and respected websites on the internet.

And because of its popularity and favored support there are thousands of website design themes and plugins available to help you get your website looking and running just the way you want it with all the functionality you need to get up and running quickly and smoothly.

Step 6. Choose a theme for your website

There are a ton of both free and premium (paid) themes available for WordPress that allow you to choose a design that suits the look and functionality of your website.

While many of the free themes available offer you a degree of design and functionality the premium themes are often more professional looking and give you much more flexibility in customizing your website and can often be purchased for less than $100. offers some of the best premium themes available for WordPress.

Step 7. Configure your website

Now that your website is up and running and you’ve chosen your theme you’ll want to configure your website so that you provide the best experience for your visitors and make it easy for your visitors to know what your website is about and give them easy access to the most important parts of your website. Choose two or three primary colors to represent your site but don’t go overboard as too many colors can turn off your visitors or detract them from what is important. Organize, separate and highlight the important areas of your site to provide additional clarity. Install any plugins that you may need to get your website functioning just the way you want an add any final touches that you may want on your website.

Step 8. Add content

If you’ve made it to this part congratulations you’re all set.

Now you get to have fun and start adding content to your website!

If you’ve made it this far than hopefully our step by step directions on how to create a website/blog has helped you get started with your own.